About Sushegad Holiday Home

Sushegad Holiday Home (Luxurious Home stay) at Karla is situated just 2km away from Ratnagiri & just 10km away from Ratnagiri railway station. Sushegad Holiday Home offers a unique staying experience. Sushegad Holiday Home is situated in Ratnagiri, a destination famous for its stunning beaches, clear blue sky and mountain ranges and the forts of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Our resort is nestled on a land offering guests a breathtaking view of the Backwater. With one of the best rooms in Ratnagiri, Sushegad Holiday Home offers a stay with their Bacwater-facing accommodation. 'Machan' is the USP of our site. You will have a pleasant view of beautiful sunset, thousands of birds returning to their nests. Also feel the fresh breeze on machan. Sushegad Holiday Home is 7 hours away from Mumbai and Pune. You will have a peaceful quality time to get rid of from the fast-paced city lives. The guest can enjoy Backwater boating also during their stay.